01. Staff recruitment

The main principle that guides us in the selection of personnel is a systematic and sustained approach to the search and selection of worthy candidates. The selection of new staff in the company is based solely on the knowledge and experience of the candidates.

The principles of selection and placement of personnel at the company are the rational use of its professional and personnel potential, eliminating duplication of functions, ensuring the need for production in workers and specialists and their optimal workload throughout the entire working time.

02. Adaptation of workers

The company has implemented a system of adaptation of the main and auxiliary personnel, as well as a system for the introduction of staff for engineers and technicians. The adaptation system is divided into:


Social adaptation

is included in the system of building relationships with colleagues and determines the norms and patterns of behavior adopted in the team.

Technical (technological) adaptation

determines the suitability of an employee / student for specific production equipment and mechanisms, as well as orientation in technological processes that are included in his field of activity by profession.

Professional adaptation

is directly related to the accumulation of knowledge and skills for fulfilling professional duties by an employee / student, as well as obtaining primary experience and the first results of their work.
The purpose of the adaptation system, in addition to ensuring the fastest entry into the post, is to minimize the number of possible errors and reduce the discomfort of the first days of work, as well as an objective assessment of the level of qualification and potential of the employee.

03. Mentoring

The mentoring system at the company is an individual work with new employees. This is a form of staff training in the company, the performance of professional functions under the supervision of a mentor with regular receipt of constructive feedback.

The goals of mentoring are the adaptation of students and trainees to work in the company on the basis of a unified system of transferring experience and upbringing, staff development, ensuring the optimal use of time and resources for the speedy achievement of necessary performance indicators by students and trainees, reducing staff turnover and motivating new employees to establish long-term labor relations.

04. Social package

The enterprise complies with all the norms of labor legislation: official employment, the provision of paid annual leave and the fulfillment of all other obligations under the collective agreement.
The company has a primary trade union organization, which is focused on ensuring the interests of employees within the company and observing guarantees in the field of labor legislation, organizing leisure and recreation for employees.
The “Team No. 1” program is based on the principles of voluntariness and self-government.

In social matters, we pay special attention to ensuring the principles of justice, equality and self-government.

The Company launched a unique social program “Team No. 1”, aimed at improving the welfare of employees, team building, help and mutual assistance.

The program provides following opportunity during the year:

  • subsidy for the purchase of tickets for commuter trains;
  • subsidy for the purchase of sanatorium treatment of an employee and / or family members, including children’s health camps, boarding houses, recreation centers in Ukraine and abroad;
  • financial assistance received from the Cashier of Team No. 1.

To participate in the program, an employee voluntarily makes a unified contribution at the beginning of the year to the Mutual Assistance Fund, after that he is awarded a bonus fund in a 10-fold amount.

An employee can spend part of the bonuses during the year by exchanging for subsidies.

By the end of the year, bonus funds are paid to each employee, taking into account the previously issued subsidies.

05. Feedback

Feedback is a key component in the development of our employees. It helps not only to correct the mistakes of subordinates before they become habits, but also consolidates the desired behavior, stimulates professional development and ultimately helps employees achieve their goals.

Thanks to the feedback system, we express our recognition to the employee and support his motivation, understand the reasons for the employee’s undesirable behavior, adjust employee behavior that deviates from the standards, and aim the employee to develop in a specific direction.

06. Safety and labor protection

Each employee of Stalkanat follows the rules of labor protection, safety measures and the standard of appearance. We understand that these requirements are created for our safety in order to protect both our life and health, and our colleagues. All labor protection measures are carried out with the aim of ensuring life safety and taking care of each employee of the company.

Ten “Golden Rules” of industrial safety

Rule number 1. We come to work sober, healthy and rested.
Rule number 2. We know and comply with the requirements of regulatory acts on labor protection for the safe performance of assigned work.
Rule number 3. The use of personal protective equipment preserves the life and health of our staff.
Rule number 4. It is always necessary to be extremely attentive and careful when work is carried out on technological transport or being close to a working technological transport.
Rule number 5. The use of fall protection means preserves our life and health.
Rule number 6. It is dangerous to be under a suspended load.
Rule number 7. We always follow technical measures when repairing equipment and utilities to prevent industrial accidents.
Rule number 8. Do not remove or damage the safety guards, turn off the locks and limit switches in order to avoid harming yourself and colleagues around you.
Rule number 9. We always respect the culture of work and production and respect the work of our colleagues.
Rule number 10. Moving around the territory of the company, we always observe the route and traffic rules.

07. Communications

  • Stalkanat is one big team and each of us is a part of it.
  • We respect the work of colleagues who work for a common result, support labor discipline, and understand the importance of mutual assistance in work situations.
  • Each employee can ask for help from a mentor, his colleagues, a master, a leader and just as readily responds to requests for assistance from his colleagues.
  • We are aware of the importance of our work and we understand how our work affects the work of our colleagues.
  • We can keep promises made to each other at all stages of interaction in professional activities. We are honest with ourselves, colleagues and management.
  • We value and respect each other’s time, which we use to realize the business goals set for us by the company.

08. Violation of company rules and regulations

We do not tolerate a negative working environment!

Stalkanat prohibits the storage and use of alcohol in any form and narcotic substances in the territory of the plant. Employees under the influence of alcohol and drug intoxication are not allowed on the territory of the plant.

Theft is unacceptable and refers to the main prohibitions within the enterprise. The dismissal in this case immediately follows the fact of the identification of such a violation, regardless of the severity of the crime. The need to contact law enforcement agencies is determined in each case.

Subject to the availability of a rule or instruction, for systematic or deliberate errors or their violations, we use the following procedure:

1. Conversation of the head with the employee (training, verification of information assimilation). And an explanatory letter from the employee (training, verification of information assimilation).

2. Rebuke.

3. Rebuke and dismissal.

09. Respect for the identity of each employee

The management principles adopted by the company are based on respect for the identity of each member of the team. Respect for the person is, first of all, sincere benevolence, ensuring personal high quality of work performed, maximizing the development of professional skills and performing discipline, protecting one's own rights and dignity, guaranteeing personal security.

10. Conflict management and problem solving

Collaborative relationships are the main way to resolve a conflict. This is when the other side of the conflict feels understanding and respect, and priority is given to the essence of the problems.
After the conflict has been identified and its essence understood, we look for common ground and focus on common goals, priorities and problems.

Problem solving involves the use of methods based on accuracy, logic and discipline. This means a consistent transition from one point to another and the study of all possible sources to find the answer.
We are looking for ways to solve difficult situations, not the guilty ones.
Any problem we translate into a task.