The principles of our company:



In our relations with partners, we use honest, fair and open methods of cooperation, offering a high level of service in all areas of professional activity. We strive to fulfill our obligations and abide by agreements. If we cannot fulfill our promises on time, then we notify our colleagues and partners in a timely manner and offer possible solutions.

Ethics of relations

We respect our partners, customers and suppliers. We do not accept insults and humiliations of employees and partners in any form: incorrect, insulting, rude, degrading statements, the use of psychological pressure. We do not accept or offer gifts, signs of special attention, services or offers to participate in entertainment programs, if they put or can put the receiving party in a dependent position. We strive to avoid potentially conflict situations, including those in which an employee of our Company carries out paid activities in favor of customers, suppliers or competitors.


We carry out our work in compliance with safety and health standards; strive to ensure the safety of the environment.


We protect personal information about our employees, partners, customers and adhere to our obligations to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the requirements established by current legislation.