The greatest value of the plant- is all of us, people and the personnel.

Our employees are wonderful, talented, responsible, open, proactive professionals. The company has created the conditions for professional and career growth of youth. There is a mentoring and technical training program. There is a health center, a dining room, a laundry. Summer wellness programs are held both for plant workers and for their children. The company annually hosts various social programs: Children Day, First-grader Day, March 8, Christmas holidays and many others.

We conduct tours, collective trips, theater visits and much more.

The plant operates the independent trade union organization. 100% of all obligations of the Collective Agreement are fulfilled, including wage growth, which is invariably the largest among the companies of the hardware industry in Ukraine. Working conditions and rest for factory workers have been created and are constantly being improved.

The trade union committee also remembers the Veterans. 450 people are on the veteran account, 58 of them are participants of the Great Patriotic War