In July 2021, a new record was set in the Steel Wire and Rope Shop - for the first time the ropemakers produced 96 tons of elevator ropes. For our plant, this product is relatively young - "Stalkanat" began its development in 2011 with five tons per month. Taking into account the specifics of the use of such ropes (transportation of passengers), All engineering staff had a special responsibility to prepare production of ropes for elevators, each year increasing their quality characteristics and production volumes. For several years, monthly volumes have been kept at the level of 50-60 tons. Therefore, exceeding the usual production indicators to 75% led the team of rope departments of the Steel Wire and Rope Shop to a well-deserved reward!
In August 2021, the record for the production of strands in the Steel Wire Workshop was once again broken. This time the workshop team raised the standard to 2972 tons, which is 125 tons more than June 2021 achievement!Repeatedly a friendly and close-knit team of production workers and technical services has proven by their work that they are capable of increasing the production capacity of the rope complexes of the Steel Wire Workshop!
Both production records were traditionally marked with new bright stars on the Walk of Fame, and employees of collectives received valuable gifts - backpacks with the logo of our company and wireless headphones.
In addition to the collective summer records, in the first month of autumn, two honored workers of our company were awarded the recognition of individual achievements.
A shift of the drawing section of the Steel Wire and Rope Shop, headed by a true Master of his craft V.V. Tyulkin, produced 8 million meters of steel wire! Undeniable authority, many years of experience (39 years of experience at the plant) and unlimited dedication to his beloved work allowed Valery Vasilyevich to lead the team to such a result!
A wonderful woman, a hard worker and a receptive colleague Polishchuk Inna Yurievna has been working at Stalkanat for many years as a process engineer in a technological bureau. During this time, she was able to achieve enormous professional heights and make an invaluable contribution to the implementation of an ERP planning information system at our plant.
The management of the enterprise awarded worthy professionals with valuable gifts - unique watches with factory symbols.
Дата1 October 2021