The Quality Control System ensures an excellent quality of manufactured products at the production.

Factory inspection is carried out at all main stages of production by qualified specialists.

A stable operating Control System allows us to fulfill applications with non-standard requirements and meet the needs of the business.


The Quality Control system in production includes:



Incoming inspection of raw materials and technological materials entering the production.


Operational inspection of compliance with technological discipline, carried out at all stages of production.


Acceptance inspection of finished products before shipment to the consumer.

To confirm the reliability of the results of factory inspection, systematic quality checks are carried out by independent product certification bodies.

When performing inspection to verify the quality of the raw material of the work-piece or finished product, laboratory tests are performed For quick and high-quality research, factory laboratories have the necessary modern fleet of equipment, both foreign and domestic production. Tests are performed by highly qualified specialists certified for the right of competence. Tests are carried out at all stages of the product life cycle.

The use of the whole complex of control methods allows us to confirm the quality of the finished product, according to RTD: DSTU, EN, ISO , ASTM etc.