Our congratulations to all the employees of PJSC “Stalkanat”, as well as our partners on the achievement of new high results in the production and shipment of hardware products in the past 2021.
Aa a summary of 2021, the volume of shipments for all types of products amounted to more than 91 thousand tons, which is 26.4% more than the volume of shipments in 2020.
Especially, it is necessary to emphasize the increase in the volume of shipments of PC strands by 89% compared to the shipment volume of the previous year. In particular, shipments of PC strands to the domestic market grew by 28% in 2021, shipments to export markets increased by 162% compared to shipments of PC strands in 2020.
Such a significant increase in shipments of PC strands was achieved through the development of new markets, the expansion of the presence of Stalkanat PC strands in traditional markets, as well as through the development of the production of new diameters of PC strands.
2021 was a successful year and for such a product as steel fiber, the volume of shipments showed an increase of 13% in 2021 compared to shipment volumes in the previous year.
As for wire, the increase in wire shipments in 2021 amounted to 6% compared to shipment volumes in 2020.
Also, despite the high level of competition, it was possible to maintain the volume of shipments of steel ropes in 2021 at the level achieved in 2020.
This success has several components. First of all, we are very pleased that the majority of our customers’ business in 2021 showed a steady growth rate. In almost all markets, in all industries where our customers work, there is a favorable situation.
It is also important to note the serious progress in the quality level of our main raw material (wire rod). Thanks to the efforts of our partners from “large metallurgy”, we have managed to significantly improve the quality of the final product.
And, of course, the most important component of success was provided by our truly united team, which showed excellent work and the ability to go forward and achieve the highest goals, discovering more and more new resources and opportunities!