Drawing conclusions of year 2020, perhaps one of the most extraordinary and controversial in latest history. Year, which brought to naught all forecasts, crossed any plans and strategies – we would like to highlight the result that became the synergy of management, technical and production teams.
Pandemic consequences drastically influenced majority of businesses worldwide, some of which fought with gloves off for their survival. Ukrainian metalware industry faced significant sales reduction, caused by nosedive of products consumption on domestic market as well as on key export markets blocked by the lockdown. Situation on our factory was not an exception. We observed 13% sales reduction in March comparing to February, another 12% in April and 10% in May.
Thanks to orchestrated actions of all business and support units, right after the lockdown we were able to turn from sales reduction to growth. Starting from June we showed stable and high dispatch rate. World economy was strongly influenced by pandemic factor which resulted in growing competition and deals margin reduction.
Business recovery after spring quarantine restrictions, inspired stable high demand on our products, that allowed us to set a sequence of records:
– PC Strands, June – 1580t

– PC Strands, July – 2135t

– Fiber, September – 1218t

– Carbon steel wire for the reinforcement of the prestressed concrete constructions – 949t

– Total wire-drawing – 5577t
– Patenting and galvanization in SWRW(steel wire rope workhouse) – 3194t
And closed the year with absolute high score of dispatches in December!
This is a result of each Stalkanat factory employee, his effectiveness and good work. Acting as single large group of professionals we achieve high scores.
We are ready for new accomplishments in New Year!