Dear colleagues and partners, labor veterans of the Stalkanat plant! We present you a movie concerning enterprise’s history, whose life path this year crossed the milestone of 215 years! The Stalkanat’s story is impossible to imagine in a 3-minute plot, since this is the enterprise, the path of which for 2 centuries is accompanied by repeated periods of formation and development, where an uncountable set of destinies of people have been collected, by whose forces our history is created every day. In the process of preparing that movie, a huge amount of video materials were shot, which will certainly find their application in the future. Thanks to everyone who took part in creation of movie and shared their stories. Special thanks to the veterans of the plant’s labor, participants in the labor front of Odessa, a participant in the hostilities, who previously worked at the enterprise, who made a special historical contribution to the creation of that movie.

Happy birthday Stalkanat! May every year bring prosperity and stability!