Not stopping at what has been achieved – we again give record figures. We are pleased to present our production workers with stars and memorable gifts as a token of gratitude for their efforts and a worthy result in March.
Star No. 1 – a plant-wide record for the production of marketable products
Star No. 2 – 1350 tons of fiber production in SWS
Star No. 3 – production of 2645 tons of PC strands in SWS
Star No. 4 – production of spring wire 935 tons in SWS
Star No. 5 – pickling 5078 tons in the pickling department SWRS
It is necessary to note the wire drawing operator Znachek Sergey Olegovich for the highest level of professional skills and productivity, demonstrated in two production records: manufacture of 5901 kg of wire with a diameter of 2.2 mm GOST 9389 in a coil per shift, meeting the rate of production at 219% and manufacture of 532.4 km of wire with a diameter of 0.83 mm GOST 9389, steel 80 in coil Z-2, meeting the rate of production at 204%.
We thank everyone for their high productivity and solidarity in our work. We wish you strength, inspiration and new victories!

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