Reinforcement stabilized strands (ropes) GOST Р 53772-2010
  • Standard: GOST Р 53772-2010
  • Diameter range, mm: 6,9-15,2
  • Tensile strength, MPa: 1770, 1860

Instruction for unwinding reinforcing strands (ropes)

Coils of reinforcing strands (ropes) are marked with a paper self-adhesive label with the image “arrow” to indicate the direction of unwinding of the strand in the following order (Figure 1):

– On the reinforcing strands (ropes) of the right twist, the arrow is directed inside the coil;

– On reinforcing strands (ropes) of the left twist, the arrow points outward of the coil.

Strand (rope) of the right twist
Strand (rope) of the left twist

Figure 1 Direction of unwinding of a strand (rope)

To avoid tangling of strands (ropes) during their processing, it is necessary to unwind a reinforcing strand (rope) depending on the direction of stranding (rope) in the direction indicated by the arrow (Figure 1).

The dimensions and properties of the strands according to GOST Р 53772-2010

Nominal valuesCalculated values




Tensile strength



Cross-section area


mm 2

Mass of one meter length



Allowable deviation from the mass of one meter length,


Minimal  breaking force




Minimal strength at conditional yield strength

σ0,1, kN,


Maximum acceptable breaking force,


The minimum value of the total elongation at maximum load, Agt, with Lo ≥ 500 mm, %


6,9186029226,5± 2,053,947,4623,5
9,0177050390,5± 2,088,577,91023,5
9,0186050390,5± 2,093,081,81073,5
9,3177052,0406,1± 2,092,081,01063,5
9,3186052406,1± 2,096,785,11113,5
9,6177055429,6± 2,097,485,71123,5
9,6186055429,6± 2,0102,089,81173,5
11,0177070546,7± 2,0124,0109,01433,5
11,0186070546,7± 2,0130,0114,01503,5
12,5177093726,3± 2,0165,0145,01903,5
12,5186093726,3± 2,0173,0152,01993,5
12,7177098,7775± 2,0175,0154,0207,03,5
12,7186098,7775± 2,0184,0162,0216,03,5
12,91770100781,0± 2,01771562043,5
12,91860100781,0± 2,0186,0164,0214,03,5
15,216701391086,0± 2,0232,0204,0274,03,5
15,217701391086,0± 2,0246,0216,0290,03,5
15,218601391086,0± 2,0259,0228,0298,03,5
Note a. The elastic modulus (E) can be taken as 195 GPa (kN / mm2)

Note b. The nominal linear density (mass of one meter of length) of the product is calculated from the cross-sectional area and density of 7.81 kg / dm3.

Note c. Stresses at conditional yield strength of 0.1% is calculated for all diameters as 88% of the breaking strength.

Relaxation after 1000 hours is not more than 2.5%

Special properties in accordance with the additional requirements of GOST Р 53772-2010.


The strands are delivered in coils: - inner diameter: 750 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm; - outer diameter: max. 1600 mm; - width: 750 mm, 630 mm; The maximum weight of the coils is 4 tons. 7-wire strands are delivered with in-line styling.

  • Type of winding:Strands
  • Dimensions, mm, d*D*h:750 mm, 630 mm;
  • Weight kg:4 t
  • Diameter range, mm:750 mm - 1600 mm


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