Private Joint-Stock Company "Production Association "STALKANAT-SILUR" produces slings of different application:  wire rope slings, textile tape slings, chain slings.

Steel wire rope slings are applied for fixing cargo to hooks of cargo lifting machinery and for moving heavy large-size cargo. Cargo is to be lifted with the aid of slings which match the mass and nature of hoisted cargo with due account of the number of sling legs and the angle of their inclination.The main types of wire rope slings are: eye and eye wire rope sling, wire rope eye sling, one-leg wire rope sling, multi-leg wire rope sling.
Textile slings belong to a new class of cargo hoisting arrangements meeting modern requirements when performing diverse cargo handling works. They are made of up to 300 mm wide heavy-duty synthetic polyester woven tape. Slings are colour-codified in compliance with the EC standards and have a safety margin 7:1.

Chain slings are convenient in use and extremely durable. PJSC «PA «STALKANAT-SILUR» produces chain slings of the 8th strength grade made of welded connection elements. The load-lifting capacity of these slings varies from 1.1 to 40.0 t.Chain sling types of the strength grade T(8):         one-leg;  two-legs;  four-legs, universal.

Slings for different types and purpose are presented in section assortment with detailed description and classification.

Recommended to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the Slings, as well as with the recommendations for the use on the application of Slings of various types.
Slings from PJSC "PA "STALKANAT-SILUR"" are accompanied by corresponding certificates of quality and have a high quality of manufacturing.